Saturday Shout out

the foundation of THG

      For today’s Saturday Shout out I wanted to shout out Erick Avalos and Semaj Ried.  These two gentlemen I met while serving in Schweinfurt, Germany. We came up with the idea to form a parent company that would showcase our different strengths.  Semaj was Crossfit coaching, Erick’s was designing and manufacturing equipment, and mine was the life coaching and public speaking.  We called it THG (more details later).

     In creating this foundation it forced us to really step up and get things moving.  I kept researching the craft and never really wanted to launch anything until this recently.  Thus this blog was born.  I attended an event and realized that I have to launch now. There can be no waiting because all of this can be tweaked along the way.  I am glad I took the leap of faith and did it.

     But it’s all about the foundation.  No matter what you do in life, you need a solid foundation.  I don’t care what materials your building with on top, if you have a weak foundation then it’s going to sink.  Sure, we may have to start over and rethink things.  But that foundation will always be there.  Keep building on a solid one of self trust and confidence and you are well on your way to Living the Dream.


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