Grateful to my Uncle Sam

A very long post. You have been warned.

22 years ago yesterday. Over two decades ago I had left this very city and traveled to South Carolina to join the Army. I never really wanted to join the military but I knew that I was burned out from school. 4 years and I am done I told myself. I came from a military family so I knew what it was to serve. I just didn’t like being compared to my parents. What kid does?

So I set out to carve my own path in this Army. Serving with Infantry, Military Intelligence, etc. I always felt more at home with the Infantry. They were and always will be my Brothers.

Somewhere along the way I lost my way and became disgruntled. I allowed the people to affect me rather than keeping the bigger picture (the organization) in mind. The sense of entitlement that others felt they deserved was creating a negative effect on my love for the Army. Their views made made me lose focus. My career suffered as a result of my self imposed insecurities. Even though I became a First Sergeant in 2013 I decided that I would retire. It’s time to do something else. I want to help others achieve their dreams. I want to build a legacy for my children and their families and generations to come.

There are so many people to name and thank who have helped me throughout the years. So many that someone would be forgotten, but not on purpose. So thank you to everyone.

So this is it. The last year in the Army if my packet is approved next month.
I am grateful for it all Uncle Sam. Grateful for the adventures you have given me. Grateful for the people I have met. Grateful for the lives I have touched. Grateful for the changes in me. Grateful.


2 thoughts on “Grateful to my Uncle Sam

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us and thank you for serving and protecting!!! It’s exciting to however open a new chapter in life…
    Lovely post:)


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