Monday Motivation- Focus



    It is very easy to feel overwhelmed with all that can be going on in your life.  Just this past week I finished a  certification program that kept me away from blogging because of the intense studying I had to undergo (the reason I didn’t blog this week).  The test alone was four hours and 200 questions.

     Now I have to wait about two weeks for the results!  I also started my World History class for my degree on this past Monday, too. So I have a lot going on including preparing for retirement by writing resumes.  Why am I telling you this?  Because even though I am nervous and felt a little overwhelmed, it only lasted about twenty seconds. The feeling of helplessness last for just that short amount of time. I have learned to deal what I call controlled chaos.  I know things seem crazy.  I know that it looks chaotic.  But I have to be methodical and proactive. Regardless on how it perceived by others.  I have to enjoy the present journey and know that I will get to where I need to be. If not, then when will I get to live?   When will get to enjoy what I have accomplished in over two decades of service?

    I choose now.

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