Consistency is the key and I lost it!

Good morning/afternoon/evening Dreamers. I think I filled my plate with too much. Let me run it down for you:

*Currently enrolled in college history class online

*Currently preparing for a test to get into a Lean Six Sigma course that’s starts in December

*Writing and definitely resumes

*Attending classes and workshops for retirement

*Working in this blog

*Still have the day job in the Army

A lot, huh? So what’s suffering? The blog. To combat that I started a editorial calendar to keep me on track. But consistency has been the key. Because I have so much going on I have things left unattended. So I have begun scheduling time each day to devote to each task.

Consistent planning. Consistent execution. Consistent results.

Wish me luck.


10 thoughts on “Consistency is the key and I lost it!

  1. Sir, you know how we do it Battle Rythm… but since we’re soon to be civilians, I guess we’ll need a detailed schedule planner or a proxy! Either way you got this, Strive!


  2. Yea scheduling is key for this temporary situation…multitasking is something we’re used to being military now you have to learn to organize your chaos by multi tasking your personal goal set…you can do it


  3. I wish you the best of luck. Don’t worry about writing less here. You’re doing what’s right to prepare for your next steps, which are very important, and when you’ll have more time, you’ll be back here and write about these experiences. We’ll wait for you!
    Enjoy the courses!


  4. Hi Antonio!
    No worries at all, we totally understand! Seems indeed like you have a lot of important things going on now and we will wait for you here!
    Till then!


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