Monday Motivation- The long dark road and the light


Looking at this picture can be intimidating to some people.  It makes you think that you are standing in the darkened area. You feel nervous.  A little apprehensive of your surroundings and you want to move up the road at a quicker pace.  A sprint even.

     You see the light up ahead.  It looks comforting and safe, huh?  But I would ask that you look at it with a different perspective.  The darkness is the present and the light is the future.  Naturally we want to be in the light (future) already enjoying the spoils of our labor and hard work.  No one wants to be in the darkness (present) because this is where the rubber meets the road.  But stay in the present while keeping your eye on the future.  It’s all about enjoying the journey.

Two years ago I knew I wanted to retire from the U.S. Army.  But I thought of how it felt to retire and not what it all involved.  Now that I am under a year  I am nervous, but confident that everything will work out.  I have done a lot of preparation and continue to do so.  It will happen regardless.  And I have rather enjoyed my time in the darkness.


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