Monday Motivation – Be Thankful

(Courtesy of Codeblack Life)

I am truly thankful the past couple months.  Since October I have been given the time to prepare for retirement from the military.  More time to be at home with my family.  More time to work on resumes and take college classes.  More time to work on other side projects that I have been interested in, too.  So what does the future hold for me?     I am not really sure.  But I know that no matter what I am thankful.  Thankful a tough but successful 20 plus year career.  Thankful for jumping out of planes and only getting banged up, but never anything life threatening.  Thankful for having a family that loves me and supports all my crazy ideas (secretly thinking I am having a midlife crisis).  But are we always conscious of what we are thankful for?  Do we conveniently take if for granted and feel like we are entitled to the life we have?  I think we are.  I think we suppress thankfulness and go about our daily lives as if it doesn’t exist.  Business as usual.

I challenge you to pull the word from  out your subconscious and recognize what you are thankful for.  Take five minutes and acknowledge it.  The good and the bad.  The rewards, successes and failures.  All of it.

What are you thankful for?


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Be Thankful

  1. I’m thankful for the sun streaming through my window right now! Thank you for always reminding me of what matters in life and for your Monday Motivations!!! It helps so much!


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