Monday Motivation- Live in the Present Moment

Past vs Present

     We are twelve days into the new year already.  So what is on your mind?  The start of a new you in 2015 or the old you of 2014? Of course twelve days will not be enough time to create an entirely new you. Too many times we are a prisoner of our past mistakes and failures. But each day you must consciously take the time to work on you.  Tonight I want you to try the following.  Pick one thing, one resolution, one goal that you told yourself that you were going to accomplish this year.  Tell yourself that you are going to work on it each and everyday this week.  Day by day you are going to find ways to get closer to that goal accomplishment. Even if its five minutes or four hours.  You are going to focus on it.  At the end of the week let me know how it went. Friday day is the day.  But today we are not living in 2014 anymore.  Today we are no longer a prisoner to your past.

You are free.


7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Live in the Present Moment

  1. No longer prisoners… Now free! Indeed here’s to a new goal of 2015, day by day, minute by minute … In smaller increments, they feel more attainable! Thank you!!

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  2. Letting go gives us space to expand versus Giving up imprisons us. You said it well as to setting time in focusing on the goal we want to accomplish. Have a fabulous week Tony!

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