Friday Focus


How was your week?  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Finally glad it’s over?  Well, I want you try something different.  Look at the picture and tell me what you see.  Do you see a elephant calm or one is distress? Honestly depending on your week you could see it either way.  I see the elephant as calm.  Not nervous and totally relaxed.  There is something about water.      There is something about this elephant.  There is something about this elephant in the water.  Peace is the word that comes to mind for me.  The elephant is completely calm and ready for anything to come its way.  That’s what I wish for you this Friday morning.  I want you to take five minutes, close your eyes, and be at peace.  Think of a blue canvas. As blue as the sky.  Now add clouds to the blue background and concentrate on the sound of nothing.  Allow your mistakes and problems of the week to drift off with those clouds.

Finish off the week right.Focus on being strong and at peace. Focus on the good.


3 thoughts on “Friday Focus

  1. This is an interesting meditative exercise….Often we focus on Mondays and how to face the week ahead…but this is focused on Friday and focused on feeling calm as we finish the week…looking back on how it was…Mine was a busy but great one!
    Happy Weekend Antonio!

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