Do It


When we were little kids we had no fear. We actually didn’t know what that word even meant. We just did what we wanted until we got hurt or our parents caught us and told us “the rules”.

I believed that “the rules” or right from wrong damaged us. It took a lot of people’s ingenuity away. It took a lot of our drive and wanting to take risks just to feel alive.

Think of something that you have been afraid to do and start doing it. Really it’s that easy. Stop being afraid. Stop following “the rules” and do it.


6 thoughts on “Do It

  1. Very wise words. It always amazed me watching little kids learning how to ski in comparison to grown ups. The kids were relaxed and had fun and when they had a fall they got up and did it again. The adults on the other side were stiff and worried and when they had a fall they took longer to get up, because they were so tense…

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  2. Wise words. And as you are talking about skiing. That is the one thing I feel exactly as mommas described. Last night we were planing to go skiing with friends and I said yes, after having avoided for a long time. Don’t want to have many things to regret in life.

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