The First Step


It is easy for us to get a journal and start writing our deepest thoughts. It is easy for us to get a white board to map out our plans and goals.  It’s even easier to get a planner and write it out to keep track.  But all of that means nothing it you can’t do the most important thing of any plan.  The first step. Easy enough right?  Not in the least. Every species on this planet is hesitant of taking the first step  From birds undertaking their first flight to young babies letting go of tables to venture out to take a step.  We are all nervous.  Anyone who tells you they are not nervous the first time doing anything I think is doing you a disservice.  They were scare and afraid of failure.  They just learned over time to harness that emotion to help them achieve success day in and day out.

A day or so ago I wrote about conquering my fear of heights by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  I did not want to take that particular first step.  But the powers that be who run the school have a great plan for that.  If you are a leader you will jump first to show the soldiers that you are not afraid.  I jumped first on all five of my school jumps and it helped a lot of soldiers get through the training with me.

So no matter how easy it seems on paper or on the board, the first step is the toughest.  I don’t care what you have to tell yourself. Develop a personal mantra.  The easiest I have told myself is that, “If I make a mistake I will learn from the lesson.”  The toughest  I told myself in Afghanistan is, “No matter what I am not going to die today.”.  Yours does not have to be as extreme as the latter. But you have to tell yourself something.

Speak to your will. Pick your mantra and take the first step.


4 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. I just found your blog and am very encouraged! You write with power and I have to agree with you–sometimes the first step really is the hardest. We have to put aside so many doubts and fears to get to that first step. I look forward to following along and getting to know you better! 🙂

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  2. What a powerful post! Especially the mantra that you used when you were in Afghanistan. Thank you for sharing your mantras with us and your story.

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