The long winding road


This past week I have participated in Seth Godin’s Your Turn Challenge. The premise is to write a blog post everyday for seven days. It has indeed been a challenge. I put out some good content. I put out some really bad content, too. But I have learned some great things along the way

1. I need to use an editorial calendar. Blog posts take some time and I need to plan them out more. Come up with some additional themes and test them out.

2. Pictures are everything. People may say they are not visual but we are. Pictures draw us in. Finding the right one to use is important, too. It must all tie in together both the picture and the content.

3. Do not do it for the numbers. I must write from my heart and be truthful in every word. I can’t be bothered by the latest trend and change-up my writing style. Especially not for the sake of getting more views and followers.

So this week has felt like a long winding road but I am at the end and I have enjoyed myself. Now to start another adventure.


2 thoughts on “The long winding road

  1. I love lessons learned especially when others share it! As I was traveling I wanted to write something meaningful and like you said you must write from the heart. I truly and honestly believe that it inspires more people. Connecting with others in a level that reaches deep down to their soul is so magnifying. Nonetheless I wrote that great piece and can’t wait to share it with others. Thank for continuing to Living The Dream and going out their and mastering your craft because it truly inspirational!

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