Friday Focus- It Will Be Alright

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Good morning. I had a great week and I picked up a certification Tuesday for a future job and finishing up another today to close the week out. But it’s not going to always be like this.

In the coming weeks it’s going to be back to the grind of blogging, two college classes and sending out resumes. But in the end it’s going to be worth it. And the tough times will eventually fall by the waste side. It will get better. It always does.

So you have to trust that what you have decided to do will make you better. That being optimistic in an otherwise pessimistic world is the right thing to do. That doing the opposite of what your naysayers say will help you in the end.

So even though it’s Friday lets go into the weekend focused. Think of one thing you want to do this weekend. Don’t know? How about one of these:

1. Finish that book that you have been wanting to. You started for some reason. How are we going to find out what happens. Commit to just starting and it will go by quickly.

2. Start a gratitude journal. What a better time to start than a Saturday morning. We all have five minutes to write each day. And we are all grateful for something. Write it down and you can thank me later.

3. Start a hobby that you have been wanting to for a while. You don’t have to spend the entire day on it. But you know you need some type of release from the week.

There are probably many more things that you can do, but the object is to do something. The point is to use whatever it is to relieve some stress from this past week. But then you need to get ready for Monday.

Those goals and dreams are not going to conquer themselves.

Have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “Friday Focus- It Will Be Alright

  1. I love your Friday focus posts, Antonio ! They truly help to de-stress after a long week, like this one was for me… And I love the idea of a gratitude journal every Saturday morning! I know I will surely thank you for it:))
    Happy weekend!!!

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  2. You definitely answered my prayers this morning! Was searching for some inspiration and here I found myself in awe with your FRIDAY FOCUS blog! How amazing it is to have your words reach me in such a meaningful way! Thank you for adding value to my day! Praying for many more days of good value to LIVING THE DREAM!

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