Why Not?


Why not?  Why can’t you become what you want?  Is it based on your upbringing that you are destined to fail while others succeed because of their family name?  What if you stayed ashamed of your dreams and decided to let others shine for the rest of their days?  Or maybe, just maybe you decided you were going to do what you wanted to do.  Want to start a blog?  Become a better Father or Mother?  Become an entrepreneur?  Why the hell not?

Who owns the monopoly on being awesome?  The people you watch on your favorite television show?  The guy or girl you see in the gym that seems to have it all together?  Hell no.  You own your destiny.  Your write your legacy.  Why not go out there and kick ass in whatever it is you want to be?  Why not reinvent yourself and start anew?

I know it seems like a lot of questions, but the only one you really should be answering is why not?

4 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Some many including myself at one point were scared to step out of our comfort zones or go beyond what we thought we could never accomplish because of what has happened or we think may happen to us. But we will never know until we take that leap and and go out into the world and take it one step at a time to fulfill our dreams and goals. It definitely will not always be a smooth journey but that’s the beauty of it those lessons learned is what makes us better and become that greatness to fulfill what we want in life. Thank you for the reminder!


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