Friday Focus- Pause And Be Happy


How was your week?  Busy?  Mine was indeed. On top of starting two college classes I also did a five day blogging challenge! Talk about a heavy load. But it was great and worth it.  Enough of me. Let’s talk about you. One question:  are you happy?  I know we talk about hustling to achieve our dreams. Grinding to keep our goals firmly in place.  But are you stressed by all of it? 

Well let’s take a break for a second.  It’s the end of the long week and normally I ask on Friday Focus that you dial it in and reset for the coming week.  To take some key tips into the weekend and have you ready for an awesome week. Let’s take a pause and try something different.  Let’s just be happy.  No there is nothing wrong with me.  I have not become a new age guru sitting on a mountain top in a white robe.  If you remember what I wrote here I talked about being grateful for what we have.  Right now.  So try this on for size:

 Take five minutes to say aloud and then write down things you are happy to have in your life. Don’t think, just say the first thing that comes to you. Now write it down quickly before you change your mind. If you have to think about it, then we gotta talk.  Something makes you happy.  Standing in line anticipating your favorite Starbucks drink being made. The touch of the cold steel  of a barbell in your hands ready to bang out some deadlifts. Your toddler smiling at you knowing they just did something devilish.  Maybe that’s just me!  Got a favorite place to go to eat some sushi?  How about your spot at the coffee shop.You know where you can pull out your laptop, start typing and slowly drift into a virtual pool of words, phrases,and paragraph (that’s Lisbeth know doubt). You know what makes you happy.

Finished?  Now write this quote down at the bottom of the page: “Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.” Put it in your pocket and keep it there all day   Now through the course of your day when you fill the water rising, pull it out.  Repeat the quote, take three deep breaths, and carry on.  Be happy.

That’s it.  I don’t know about you, but I am happy.  I am not rich, but I am wealthy in knowledge, ideas, and plans on this white board to build a legacy. One I am making come true right now as you read these words. I am happy that I am retiring soon during a time of intense conflict.  I am happy that my fellow Soldiers that are no longer with us lived full lives. That I am doing things to honor them and their memory (details to come soon).

So that’s it, Dreamers. Easy enough. Focus on your happiness and Win The Day.


7 thoughts on “Friday Focus- Pause And Be Happy

  1. Definitely a great reminder to always PAUSE AND BE HAPPY! You know I did something similar to this about a year ago after heartbreak and not knowing what direction my life was going. But I had to dig deep down and ask myself WHAT MADE ME HAPPY, WHAT DO I NEED TO SUSTAIN MY OWN HAPPINESS. And liked you mentioned above “Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.” Since doing that I have learned to LOVE MYSELF WHOLEHEARTEDLY, and that right there helped me to BE HAPPY and taught me to pause once in a while and be grateful for the continuos process. I’m definitely going to save this blog as a reminder. Thank you so much!

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  2. For over a year I have recorded three things that have made me happy at the end of each day. I was depressed for a while and came across an article which recommended this little activity. It resulted in some pretty big changes. Great reminder and as always a very enjoyable post to read!

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