Monday Motivation- Past vs Present

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Past. Present. Future. We all have them. Some great memories. Others we would rather forget. But where do a lot of us spend most of our time? The past. Too much it seems.

We try to relive our popularity from high school. Our feelings towards our first loves. We also drudge up a lot of negative things. Failed relationships. Missed opportunities.

That’s all fine and well, but I leave the past in the past. I want to get better everyday. The only thing I bring from the past is the experiences so I don’t repeat them. It’s too easy to let the past defeat you and keep you doing wrong. It’s even tougher to move into the present and just be. Be your present. Not your past.


8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Past vs Present

  1. The past definitely needs to be left where it is and used only as tools to be better. I totallt agree with that. Living in the present is definitely the way to go. Something I learned the hard way but has definitely molded me to continually become better.

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  2. The present is truly a gift… That’s why it’s called ‘present’… This is a saying I heard from someone… But it rings true here! Thanks Antonio for motivating my Monday !

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