Come What May (Friday Focus)



Happy Friday!  You know since the implementation of the modern work week people have always looked at Fridays the same.  The end of a tough week. I can hear the voice in your head, “If I can just get through this day  I will be alright.  But it never really works out that way does it?

How about we change our perception a little?   It’s still early and you can change your entire mood around for the better.  Lets face the day. Don’t hide from the report that needs to be finished.  Don’t procrastinate on preparing for the meeting later in the day.  Matter of fact try this:

1. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EMAIL YET!!  Trust me when I blocked off the forty-five minutes to an hour off of not checking my email it helped a ton.  I closed my door and worked on my list for the day.  Which leads into the next point.

2.  List the top three things you want to accomplish for the day.  And cleaning your email inbox out is not one of them!  Write the three things on a whiteboard, scratch piece of paper, etc.  Something that you can pull out of your pocket or glance at up on the wall at anytime.  (I personally love whiteboards, but that will be for a later post.)

3.  Structure your day around accomplishing what’s on the list.  If you are in a proactive environment then this should be pretty easy.  But if you work in an environment that is most reactive (a/k/a sucksville) then you will have to shift things around.  Your main objective is to accomplish list.

Listen, I know things can get hectic and overwhelming.  But you have to face the day in the end.  I just think that you can accomplish some great things that you want done in the process.  Try it and let me know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Come What May (Friday Focus)

  1. I shared this with one of my battle buddies who has been just having a hectic schedule and was all over the place. He said he was able to relax and really stay on track today. Writing things down that was of priority helped him accomplished those tasks to the best of his ability instead of going half into things. So thank you Tony for sharing it has helped him alot.

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