Don’t Give Up (Monday Motivation)


Monday’s are rough. I don’t care what you do in life. If you are a homemaker, corporate, blue collar, etc everyone looks at this day the same. With dread.

The weekends are too short and the work week is about two days too long. But we have to earn a living someway or another. So do you succumb to the ocean of defeat or do we rise above the tide and start treading water?

You should already be up out of the bed reading this. Hopefully, you are dressed, too and at or on your way to work, school or where you need to be. So be thankful for another day. Smile at those you come in contact with and don’t give up.

You know what you want to accomplish this week. Have at it.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up (Monday Motivation)

  1. Perfect timing yet again ! I was just thinking about the Monday blahs…. Thanks Antonio! Here’s to another wonderful week… One step closer to springtime!

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  2. Maybe I am the only person that likes Mondays. But I am rested from the weekend and it is the start of a new week and I can either make it a good week or bad week. I love Mondays.

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  3. Mom, you are a trooper! But there are a lot of people that dread the first day of the workweek. Maybe I can get some pointers from you to share with everyone else!


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