Time For a New Clean Slate (Monday Motivation)

It’s already March and the first Monday of the month.  I don’t know about you, but I have a lot going on this month. Two college classes and a couple medical appointments for retirement from the military.  I also start my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Class and project.   Just thinking about it can make it seem daunting.  But not enough to make me feel intimidated.  Why?  Because it’s all about operating with a clean slate. 

This is not February.  Whatever things that you did not accomplish last month should not weigh you down. Didn’t lose the weight that you wanted to?  Clean slate.  Look at the month of March as a fresh start.  A fresh start to finish what was left from last month.  A fresh start to come up with new goals for this month to accomplish.  Set some realistic goals that you can actually get done.  Plan it out and get it done. 

 Treat each day as a new slate to work with. Go into each morning with the mindset that it’s a clean chalk board. That you have the chance to start out anew. A chance to wipe away your past failures. 

Get that chalk and eraser ready.


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