One Life. Do It Now.


One life.  That’s all we have. So what are you going to do with it?  Write?  Workout?  Read that book that you have been meaning to for months?  Doesn’t really matter what you do.  I just want you to do something that you want to do. Not what your wife or your parents want you to do (well, at least be out of their house first!)

But it’s about you.  I know that I did not want to go to school when I graduated college.  That is something that my parents expected, but I was burnt out from AP and various Honors classes.  I wanted to live.  So I left at 19 years old.  To do what I wanted to do.  Now at 41 years old I am finishing up an Associates and will begin my Bachelor’s at the end of the summer. And I love it.  Yes it’s stressful because I am doing other things simultaneously. But I don’t mind because this has been a life long dream.

I am not telling you this because it will be easy.  Nothing in life is easy. (Well, the military was, but that is another post).  I am telling you because it’s going to be so damn worth it. I don’t know about you, but I want a full life.  I want to be totally exhausted in my bed in my last days.  I want to say that I lived a full life.  For too long I have told myself that I will wait till I retire to do this or that.  Well, semi-retirement is in sight. So time to stop talking and time to do. 

Do what we feel in our bones will make us happy. It doesn’t matter what people tell you or how they react. Do something for you. It’s your life. 


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