Trust The Journey (MM)

I went home to the place of my birth this past Friday and Saturday. Hampton, Virginia.  It was a quick trip to see my mother and brother and their families.  We had a blast and it was good to reconnect with my roots. As a child I didn’t spend that much time there because my father was in the military.  But I still call it home since the nucleus of both my father and mother’s family live there.  

While in our hotel room I was drafting some blog posts for the upcoming week. During the course of a conversation my family was having I heard them say that, “Tony is very positive.”  In fact all of them said it a couple of times.  When I was first mentioned I laughed, but was taken aback a little.  Almost to the point that it was unbelievable.  Am I too positive?  Do they not believe it?  Do I come across as superficial?  Is my journey not real?  If not what the hell am I doing?

The feelings of doubt quickly subsided.  In a matter of minutes. Years ago I was a very pessimistic person.  I was lost and just existing through life.  Allowing the conditions around me to dictate the outcome of my decisions and my life.  Not anymore.  Not ever again.  I am an optimist because looking for the bad in everything was too draining on my soul.  I want people to believe in me, but not by only what I say.  More by what I do.  This is me to my core.  Through every fiber of my body.

My journey is real.  Even if I don’t know every twist and turn. I don’t know the final outcome.  I know what I want to happen.  I know what I am working to achieve. I want to change people’s perception of me.  It’s true, I write for myself.  But I know I am helping others (thanks Matt) because they are letting me know.  At the same time I am helping myself.

So I am going to continue trust the process.  Enjoy the journey.  Remain positive and keep working at it.


2 thoughts on “Trust The Journey (MM)

  1. I went to something where I was like am I still making an impact like I want to cause I haven’t heard anyone let me know. One of my mentors told me sometimes people are silent about it. They are watching and trying to emulate the postivity you pour out. Some may not validate the outpour you give but know that someway they do. I learn that I really don’t need the validation from others as long as I know that what I give is my best then that’s all I need to know. Tony you are an inspiration so keep writing, keep showing us your greatness and know it truly touches people’s lives!

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