What Are You Chasing Anyway?


Everyone I know is chasing something in life. Notice I said something and not someone.  There is a clear and definable difference.  Now, I am not talking about your friends in your circle of trust.  Because I am a big advocate of having friends smarter and more accomplished than you. I believe that true friendship and healthy competition makes us all achieve more. No I am talking about those who choose to chase someone who they are clearly envious and jealous of.  Jealous to the point that you want  to outshine them in some materialistic way. Hoping that they notice and acknowledge your existence.  Why? Yes, we all like nice things, but have them because you want them. Not someone else.  Only so that people can acknowledge you.  This isn’t high school. You know what you want in life.  You wrote your goals down and know what it takes day in and day out to achieve them.  Chase that.  Chase that feeling you get on the journey to accomplishment.  Then duplicate that feeling over and over again.  But don’t chase people.  Don’t chase what they want out of life.  The outcome may be totally different from what you would expect. Chase dreams and make them come true.  What are you chasing today? -alv

8 thoughts on “What Are You Chasing Anyway?

  1. Today i’m chasing butterflies! It’s so beautiful outside that I am anxious to get out in it and dig in the dirt. I’ve got plenty of gardening to do and can’t wait. Your post is very smart. I wish more people would read it and take it to heart. Chasing dreams is so much more productive and in the end you will have something amazing to show for it. The hard work and dedication will have paid off! Happy to have your follow. I thank you for that. Off to the outdoors! My puppy wants to chase me! 😉 May the sun shine warmly around you! Koko❀

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    1. Thanks so much for the inspirational words. I wish others would just chase what their hearts desire and not after people. It would make them a lot happier! Thank you for taking the time to follow and I love your blog!


      1. I’m glad you like my blog. It’s a work in progress. It makes a nice place to look back on and remember some of the things I’ve done or where I was at that particular time. Have a wonderful day.❀

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  2. You are so right in all of this! It is very easy to get caught up in wanting what someone – everyone else has if you don’t keep a clear vision of what it is you really want for your life.


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