Focus and Effort (FF) 


You have to focus on what you want to accomplish. You have to want it and know why. What added benefit does it bring to your life? Does it bring you that much closer to where you want to be?  If all the answers are yea, then focus on that one thing sometime this weekend.

The effort must be there one hundred percent, though. You can’t half ass this. Whatever time that you carve out of your life for this has to be applied for real. Make the schedule. Execute the plan. Enjoy the journey. Trust the process.

What do you want to accomplish?


2 thoughts on “Focus and Effort (FF) 

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this! Its a great reminder of what needs to be done to make the things I want in life to really happen. “Make the schedule. Execute the plane. Enjoy the journey. Trust the process,” this quote really resonated with me, because I am seeing one of my greatest desires come into fruition following that exact process.

    Continue to write and inspire.

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