Kaizen (MM)

We live in a world of instant gratification. Of overnight successes and get rich schemes on the world-wide web.  No one tells you that it all takes work. Well, we know it does. We know overnight successes usually take close to ten years. But why are we constantly afraid to put in the hard work?

Regardless of where you are currently sitting right now on this planet, you know what hard work looks like. You recognize it in others when you see it.  You see it in yourself.  But it is never the easiest thing to do.  It takes determination, grit, and an open mind to see things through to the end.  To want to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel regardless how long it is.  But the walls of the tunnel you are going through are lined with hard work.  Instead of tackling the entire task try something different. Try Kaizen.

Kaizen (Kaisen)

an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement.

Kaizen or Kaisen is a Japanese word that basically means to constantly take little steps to accomplish your bigger goals.  I like to reverse engineer my goals.  I like to imagine during meditation what it would look like already having accomplished a goal.  I then work backwards outlining what it takes to complete it.  Then I break those steps into days and months so I ca set smaller goals.  This helps my psyche to know that I am consistently talking these goals with the end result being the bigger one.  No matter what method you or I use, the point is the attainment of our goals.

Kaizen my friends.  Kaizen.


7 thoughts on “Kaizen (MM)

    1. Jessie, you are most welcome. I have really had great success with the Lee method. No multi tasking, just concentrating on one task at a time.

      Let me know how it works and if I can help in anway, please reach out. Have a great week, Jessie!


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