Live Your Truth  


Life is hard.  That’s not a new revelation. What is difficult is living our truth. But what is that you say?  For each person, it is different and has a thousand different explanations and reasons.  What it is not is living a life that you despise.  Going through the motions of existence not caring what happens next.

Living our truth is knowing what you want and learning to consciously live them out each day  Knowing that you will not compromise on your values that you hold sacred.  I am not talking about your parent’s values.  I am talking about things that are important to you and help you live a better life.

You love to write, but you think that it will never be read by anyone  That’s not the point.  For me, writing is therapeutic.  It helps me to work through my vices and problems.  In the end, it is a necessary staple in my life. Some days my words reach others and make an impact. Some days they touch no one besides me.  That’s all that matters because to me words in black in white means more.

Living your truth is experiencing life to the fullest.  Doing things that bring happiness to you and strengthen your values. So go and center yourself in your convictions.  Work on them every single day and enjoy every second of living your truth.


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