The Spark 


There is a spark in all of us. Regardless of what you do in life everyone has that spark. It just may be dimmer than others.

But you still have it. The issue is that many forget that it simmers inside. Ready to be set ablaze and change you like a Phoenix.

To do what you always wanted to do. Or remind you that the heat you feel inside is your wake up call to get to work. To burn ever so brightly so all those around you can feel the warmth upon their skin.

By shining and recognizing your spark you help to ignite the same in others. So rekindle your spark. Set it ablaze. Be a shining example for others to follow.  Help set the world on fire.


24 thoughts on “The Spark 

  1. This is a great wakeup call, Antonio! I actually really have always liked the Phoenix image of rising from the ashes…
    Hope you had a great week and have a wonderful, inspiring weekend!

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      1. Trying to set it ablaze! Currently working on it, and on myself. Sometimes I feel it’s not going fast enough but I have faith that in due time, everything works out the way it should as long as we’re trying!

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    1. Sorry to hear that Channing. But tomorrow is another day and with a name like Channing you kick butt instantly. You are going to have a fantastic rest of the week. So guard that spark and keep helping people. You are doing great!


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