Is Passion Dead?  

The definition of passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.  I agree with that one hundred percent.  Passion can be greatest alley in our pursuit of our dreams.  Or it can be our worst enemy sabotaging our every desire for success.  But why?

Because it is true to its definition  You can barely control passion.  It can lead you to blindly going after things that you are not prepared for.  And that’s not a bad thing.

You know what dreams you want to make into achievable goals.  You have an idea what it will take to accomplish them.  So let’s manifest this passion into a controlled plan.  Let’s write these goals down and map it out.  These are steps to manifesting passion in a controlled environment.

I applaud your passion.  I applaud you wanting to be better in life.  It shows that passion is not dead.  But if you want to become successful, you must control it.  Success takes time.  So let your passion manifest your success.  All of this brings you one step closer to greatness.


13 thoughts on “Is Passion Dead?  

  1. I feel that I’m passionate about all the wrong things. Trying to reach the next level at some game where I’m a penguin and you won’t find a soul more determined than me. 😉
    Seriously though, thanks again for the motivation. 🙂

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