One Trick To Get You Through Tough Times

The U.S. Army is big on resiliency because of the stress of our jobs. We are asked to deploy anywhere from six months to a year. Then come home and train for a year just to go back again.

So the Army came up with a program called Master Resilency Training or MRT for short. It was designed to help soldiers with tools to get through tough times and continue to push forward.

One of the tools is called Hunt The Good Stuff.  The concept is no matter how rough your day is going you can find something that went right that day. You find it and keep it as a reminder that all isn’t lost that day.

So when you are feeling down or overwhelm Hunt the Good Stuff. When you feel like nothing is going right. Hunt the Good Stuff. When you feel like the universe is conspiring against you, Hunt the Good Stuff.

Happy hunting my friend.

13 thoughts on “One Trick To Get You Through Tough Times

  1. Antonio! I love the idea of Hunting the Good Stuff! This is a great attitude and makes for a perfect mantra!
    Hope all is going well and you’re enjoying the summer :-))

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  2. Antonio, I remember reading a post of yours a few weeks ago because I really liked your writing style (and content) and the same is true with this post. I think it’s great that this training exists, and that the idea is so applicable for those of us not in the military, too. I’ll remember to ‘hunt the good stuff’ because that’s such a great way to phrase it! 🙂

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    1. Brooke, thank you so much for coming back and reading the blog. Yes, I truly didn’t like the training at first, but over the years I embraced it. Now that I am transitioning to retirement I find myself using it more and more. Thanks again and can’t wait to read your next post. 🙂


  3. Great outlook on life by using the Hunting The Good stuff. Sometimes it hard to remind yourself to look for something good during day when everything has went wrong. Enjoyed reading! Good luck with retirement and thank you for serving our country.

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  4. That’s great advice! Much like finding gratitude and counting your wins for the day no matter how small, there is a little magic in everyday and to practice the art of acknowledging it we can certainly attract more of the good stuff!!

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  5. I think Hunt the Good Stuff is an amazing concept – it can be used by anyone and EVERYDAY! I am going to talk about this with my oldest son today when he gets home from camp. He is the sweetest little man, but lately has been negative and I am trying to teach him otherwise. Hunt the Good Stuff is going to be my new mantra for him. Thank you!

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