Being Aware in Life is Not Enough


 A lot can happen in 24 hours.  You can wake up feeling one way and that can change in a split second.  Some times not at all.  But that never happens right?

We are made aware of many things throughout the course of our lifetime, too.  Some we choose to pay attention to and others we do not.  Regardless we are still aware.  Aware that they can affect us if we choose to deal with them.

But that’s the point.  Deal with them.  Deal with the fact that those New Year’s resolutions are not going to magically happen.  Realize that in order for you to be a great writer, you have to actually write something.  It all requires one word:  action.  You have to actually take action.

You have to plan out those resolutions so you can accomplish them.  It’s June and you still have time.  You will have to sit down and put pen to pad (or fingers to keyboard) in order to start putting your thoughts out there for the world to see.

And you are not alone.  Everyone is going through the same thing.  We are all just dealing with it differently and in our own way.  We are all aware that we have stuff that warrants our attention.  But we have to stop putting it off and actually start executing.

Time for some action.


12 thoughts on “Being Aware in Life is Not Enough

      1. You’ve achieved that I’d say, as well as making your advice sound like it needs to be carried out urgently (which can only be of benefit!)

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