Let Go and Enjoy The Ride


We have an app to keep track of what we eat throughout the day.  We have another to help us with our to do lists.  Hell, some of us use them to tell us when to drink water.  Or is that just me?

How about we just try to take a different approach this week.  I know it’s going to be hard not tracking everything. But you will survive.  So you ready? Just let go.  Revolutionary I know. Just let go.  I don’t want you to stick to a plan this week.  No, I didn’t say not go to work.  But don’t stick to any to do lists.  Don’t fight the day’s events.

Is there something that you have been putting off?  Something you felt wasn’t important, but you wanted to do anyway?  Do that and see what happens.

Take a long way home tonight and stop by that coffee shop you saw. Go in and have some coffee and relax.  There a book that you wanted to read, but you felt like it wasn’t productive to read it?  Read it tonight before you go to bed.

Just let go and see what happens.  I think you will find that when we do so we actually grow. We become better at being ourselves.  Try it.

What are you going to let go of today?


13 thoughts on “Let Go and Enjoy The Ride

  1. I felt my heartbreak a little when I got to “don’t stick to any to-do list.” to do list are my current obsession. I probably make one for everything. However I understood what you meant by it and I agree every now and then I should be able to let go and live a little. Tomorrow I am going to be hanging out with my friend and I think I’ll follow your advice and trash my to-do list and enjoy the day. You always give great advice and thoughtful advice.

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  2. This is great. Sometimes I pressure myself so much to stick to a strict schedule to a needle point. While the things you achieve sure feels rewarding, I burn out really quickly. So there are days when I just assign myself just a few tasks a day to give myself enough time and flexibility. Much easier for the body & the soul. 🙂

    Somin // TCK Goes Home

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  3. Antonio, great advice as always…I like the idea of having some coffee and relaxing!!! Have an amazing start to your day! The weekend isn’t far away!

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  4. Letting go can be very refreshing, I don’t share this with my Wife, however a few days I awake and say, “Today is the day, it’s all on her” she doesn’t know but that’s how I recharge my battery!

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