The One Word Challenge


(photo courtesy of from-nothing-to-something)

I have often heard throughout my life that we have to be careful what words we use.  That words are powerful and can have irreversable effects.  Words can spark peaceful dialogue or an all out war.  

One word that I have tried many times to avoid saying was the word can’t.  A debilitating word that can change someon’e whole perception of you.  The word can play havoc on your own self esteem if you are not very careful.  

Saying it enough can change a great day to something unrecognizable and dismal.   So I have a solution for the use of this word.  A challenge of sorts.  Ready?

Don’t use it for this entire week.  Just that simple.  Think carefully and consciously about your words this entire week.  Really put effort in want you say. 

You can accomplish anything with time and perseverance. Accomplish this challenge and watch your life change. You can do this. 


7 thoughts on “The One Word Challenge

  1. People don’t seem to realize just how much the words we think and use have an effect on us. I make it my goal to try and use positive words only!

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