How Leaning Into It Can Get You Started

Many times in my military career I found myself somewhere in the world running. Running is a big part of my former job. Usually, it was running up a hill.  Mind you, I don’t run now due to osteoarthritis, but it helped me a lot during my career.
I never liked running up hills especially.  Most days it wasn’t that tough, but most of the time it was usually on a long run that we encountered a hill in our path.  That made it tougher to deal with because I knew we still had a long way to go.

But I learned early on that there was a trick to it:

Lean into it.

That’s right.  Find a spot in front of you, focus on that and slightly lean forward.  Lean into the hill and keep moving forward.  No sprinting, just a steady jog up the hill to get to the top.

In life, you need to do the same thing.  Lean into Monday.  It’s already here so lean into it.  You set your goals for the week, so lean into them.  You know the meetings are going to consume the better part of the days, so lean into them and knock them out.

Jack Canfield talks about how to just lean into it in his book, The Success Principles.  He opens up the chapter on it by saying that often times success happens when you just lean into it. Lean into your goals, but just starting.  Even without a clear picture of what you expect them to look like.

I know what you are thinking right now.  What is leaning into it, Antonio?  It’s simply digging your heels in and committing yourself to the task in front of you.  You can simply use this technique as a measuring stick.  Lean into a new goal to simply see if it is right for you and in line with your vision of what you want to accomplish.

Don’t think you can do it?  Do me a favor.  Look around at your friends or coworkers.  Even your supervisors today. Look closely at them.  You see that one person who always has their head down almost in a trance methodically working through something? Yea, that one. They are fully leaning into it.  Fascinating, huh?

You have people leaning into tasks around you every day.  Giving it their full undivided attention for a specific amount of time. To either make some headway on it or completely finish it.

You can do it, too. You are no different from anyone else on this planet going after their dreams.  I leaned into a career that I am grateful to complete and retire from.  Less than seventeen percent of the military does.  I leaned into a new chapter of my life with just a vision of what I wanted to accomplish in the next sixty years ( a guy can dream right?).  You can do it.

Listen we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You might as well lean into it and seize the day.

What do you want to lean into today?


10 thoughts on “How Leaning Into It Can Get You Started

  1. Very inspirational post and beautifully written… I’m going to start research for my Doctoral thesis in Cardiology this october. I’m hopefully going to completely “lean into” it after reading this! Thank you!

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