How Being Negative Solves Nothing In Your Life

  Monday is here and I know some of you were dreading it. Going to work dealing with an overbearing supervisor. Sitting in a class that you are just not comprehending the material. Typical Monday, huh?

Typical Monday that leads into everything being rushed and you creating self imposed anxiety. That’s right. The week hasn’t even starred yet and you are already feeling defeated. 

Everyone else’s problems are now yours because they don’t feel like dealing with it themselves. You can see it in their eyes. It’s enough to make you just want to close your eyes and wish you were somewhere else. 

But if you do that the negative thoughts will start to creep in.  Trust me. They always do and they will beat you down quickly.  

It’s ok because it happens to everyone. But don’t fester in it.  Give negativity it’s time. All five seconds it is worth.  Then move on.  

Because anymore time then five seconds it will consume you.  It will make you pessimistic and create a bad aura around you.  

You will slowly start to alienate yourself even though that is not your intention.  You will also become unfocused and lose your way.   

Hey, it happened to me. A couple years ago I got passed over for a promotion. I was sure that I was going to be selected. I thought I had everything they asked for. But it wasn’t to be.

For a couple days (longer than five seconds, huh?) I put on a good front, but I was hurting inside. Bad and it showed in my work. I know it did. 

I eventually got back on track, but I came to the conclusion that 2015 would be my last year. I remained steadfast and as positive as possible during that time.  

Not just for me, but for the soldiers I was in charge of.  They helped me to get over the day to day issues and we all grew together.  

Life becomes better when you try to find the positive in everyday problems.  When you are presented with something that looks tough, try and look for the good and dissect the problem with an optimistic mind.  

You will come out on top in the end, problems will be solved and you will gain some positivity in your life.  



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