Why Discipline Will Help You Throughout Your Life

We all want a lot out of life. We should. In the end we all want to look back and say we lived a full life. One with more experiences in the plus column rather than the negative one. 

But with all things in life it requires some discipline.  Sometimes a lot of discipline. Either way I think that the word gets a bad rap because many view it with negative connotations. 

See, I am not talking about full blown military Drill Sergeant type of discipline. I am not talking about someone controlling your every move and you loathing to hear their voice. Many of us don’t require that. 

No, I am talking about having enough self discipline to accomplish your goals. To come up with some type of structure in the pursuit of everything your want and need in life. But to not just want it all right now. 

See our biggest problem is most of us live in a society that thrives of instant gratification. A lot of us want success now without having to expend too much energy. 

Some of you are shaking your heads at me. That’s fine because you know I am right. Look around at your friends. The ones who are disciplined are often talked about as being out of touch with reality. 

No, they are perfectly intuned with themselves and reality. They know that they are sacrificing a little now to gain and bigger reward later. And it all is about discipline.

The discipline to wait for the reward and stick to the plan. See, discipline is your consistency. Your staying power. 

The reason to get out of the bed in the morning. The reason and the fuel to keep going day in and day out. Especially when you don’t want to. 

Discipline gives you longevity in this life. It will help you to mature and take responsibility for your actions. It will calm you down and keep your hand steady when you need it most. 

I want us all to succeed in life. Let’s just all be disciplined in our approach. 


30 thoughts on “Why Discipline Will Help You Throughout Your Life

  1. Nice post! Indeed we need discipline in order to achieve what we really want most. It is difficult to stay disciplined today because of distractions here and there. Thanks for reminding me about the staying power we all need, discipline.

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  2. It is taking an amazing amount of self-discipline for both my husband and I to pursue our goals. He’s a Marine so it goes without question that self-discipline is one of the biggest lessons we are trying to teach our three kids. Great read!

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    1. Having once been a military family, I know exactly what you mean. But you guys are doing a great job and your kids will follow your lead. Keep going and let family be your “why”!!


  3. Everyone knows discipline is a good thing. However, just like knowing that eating healthy is a good thing, too, that thought can succumb to impulsivity and unhealthy choices. The impulsive use of credit cards to acquire something now that you’re unable to pay for in full, rather than later when you’ve saved up enough money for it, seems rampant in our society. Compulsive activity is a lack of discipline and gets many people in trouble with consequences.

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  4. I see the need for instant gratification in my boys and it scares me because I know who they learned it from. I used to be the same way…and also very impulsive. I had to really discipline myself (especially now that I am starting my own business and need to cut back on shopping) and I discipline my boys as well. Hopefully they will thank me later!

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  5. The hardest part about being an entreprenuer is maintaining a disciplined routine. With so much time on your hands, sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. I read an article about setting 20 minute intervals between tasks and it really helps you to focus more and be more disciplined with your work.

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  6. I couldn’t agree more. I lack some real self-discipline especially when it comes to class work. I’ve just recently set up a routine for myself to get through all the course work I need to. So far it’s been successful. I’ve been pushing myself, trying to have the self-discipline to keep it going.

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