Isn’t It Time To Get In Focus?


We are rattled. Off kilter. Unfocused. Something threw us off our balance and we can’t get back on track.

You know why?  Because we won’t take the time to reset ourselves. To get back into our right position in life

We need to stop everything and get back in focus. Think about a photographer. Before he takes that picture he pauses for a second to get his shot into focus.

We need to do the same in our lives. We need to stop hopping out of bed rushing to our job. We need to know what our focus is for that day.

Write down what you want to accomplish, but do it the night before you go to bed. Then sleep. Wake up the next day and visualize your goals and focus your tasks for the day. Then execute with clarity.

When things start to get hectic get up and take a five minute break. Walk away from the chaos and refocus on what’s a priority to you right now. Focus on your breathing and quieting your mind.

Then step back into the environment and handle your business and the tasks at hand.

See, stepping away from the situation or simply focusing on your wellbeing for a couple of seconds helps you immensely. Trust me I know. I have had to do it a couple of times.

There have been times in the military I have been presented with tough decisions. But I always took a moment to focus on my state of mind and cleared it. Only then was I able to make a sound and right decision.

We all could use sometime to refocus our thinking to achieve positive growth in our personal lives.

What do you need to refocus your efforts on?  Comment below and let me know.


20 thoughts on “Isn’t It Time To Get In Focus?

  1. I teach in a classroom for students with special needs – mainly emotional & behavioral disorders. We work every day on setting goals & focusing – making sure that we remember where it is that we want to go & thinking about ways to get there, examining where things get a little shaky and then making plans to do things differently. We’re only 3 weeks in so I’m not sure of the impact yet but if that’s all they get from me, I think that will be enough.

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  2. i definitely need to do this. For me to get focused, I need to journal more regularly. The month of July, I journaled every day and I felt great. Haven’t done much this month and I’m feeling the effects.

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  3. Good information and wisdom! I think many of us get caught in the trap of just letting our lives unfold with no thought or plan. Possessing an agenda in our minds today can provide us with more control and discipline in our lives when tomorrow arrives.

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  4. It’s easy to go on auto-pilot where we end up making decisions in the heat of the moment or just out of habit—the point being, we don’t stop for that extra few seconds to focus. Great perspective to have!

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    1. Dayne, thanks! Yea, it’s a tool that took awhile to master and actually do for me personally. But once I did, it helped me be more productive! Thanks for reading!


  5. Prayer. It’s my number one way to find my peace and get focused. Also reading blogs such as this one. 🙂 Investing time and thought into self-help is always beneficial to regaining focus on what matters. I’m a Communication major and one very beneficial thing that I learned to manage conflict was S-TLC. Stop, think, listen and communicate. My favorite part of this is STOP. This is when you stop, remove yourself from the conflict and reassess. This is very similar to what you wrote about. Think and listen can be translated to us thinking about where our focus needs to be and gathering our thoughts and then listening to that, very powerful, inner voice of ours. And Communicate can be where we actually utilize our new found focus and live it out through action. I thought I’d share this as your post reminded me of this very effective conflict management tool even though these steps can be used to manage our own personal conflicts and not just with others.

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