I Am Officially A Huffington Post Blogger! 

So about a week ago, I got the idea from a fellow blogger to reach out to HuffPo. I knew it would be a long shot, but I wanted to try anyway. Who know right?  All they can do is say no.

So I picked one of the posts that really resonated with me and I rewrote parts of it and prepared to send it off.  I felt a little intimidated because the email address is fit the founder of HiffPo, Arianna Huffington herself!

No pressure right I thought. Well I sent it off and thought no more of it. Well she wrote back and said she like it!  Her team  got a hold of me and the rest is history.

But I honestly don’t celebrate this milestone alone. I want to thank all of you. For coming here and reading my words. For telling me they helped you and brightened your day.

For believing in me and my words. For allowing me to be a part of your world most importantly.

So here is the link:


Have a great weekend, thanks again, and keep living the dream.


53 thoughts on “I Am Officially A Huffington Post Blogger! 

  1. I am overjoyed to read your amazing news! Congrats my friend! Your article is inspiring and your decision to take a chance and contact the Huff Post is truly a lesson for me to give things a try because the outcome can be great! Thank you for showing me this! You’re wonderful and here’s to many more works of yours being published!

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      1. Yep! I’ve been a HuffPost blogger for just over a year now. I do a lot of beauty, some fashion and so tech stuff. This year and am going to do more, different types of pieces. I enjoy it! I get good traffic between my blog and HuffPost.

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