Why Your Life Requires A Sense Of Urgency

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Now I am about to tell you something that is probably going to leave you confused. Yes, I am an advocate for living in the moment and enjoying the journey. I truly believe in cherishing the present and not liking to far in the future.

With that being said, we can’t become complacent and relaxed. At least not for long periods of time. Meaning don’t accomplish a goal and then stop. Don’t sit back for a couple months and forget about everything else you want to accomplish.

Confused  yet?  Bare with me and hear me out. What I am getting at is we have to have a sense of urgency in our life. I have seen  a lot of people, even myself in the past, rest on their achievements and then stay there.

With no motivation or drive to continue forward. Practically saying, “I am good right here “.  No, you aren’t. No, really.

Yes, I know you have everything planned out and know what you want in life. But you may be just stuck on how to get started or the will to take the first step. Do you want to know the easiest way to do that?  To borrow Nike’s phrase Just Do It. 

Really. There is no time like the present and the time is now. See, we each have 86,400 seconds in a day. And because we are not promised tomorrow why would we waste the day assuming otherwise?

My friend, I am not telling you all this to make you uneasy and scared for the future. I am telling you this because I don’t want you to waste the precious time that we have all been given.

The urgency in life requires you to take a few minutes to work on your dreams if that is all you have. I know a lot of us lead busy full lives. But you have to carve out a slice of the pie of life for yourself.

The urgency in life requires you to know your why and have a plan. It wants you to stay busy in positive motion and not waste it complaining. It wants you to take the necessary steps day in and day out.

Taking these steps keeps you aligned in your purpose for doing whatever it is that fills your heart. Your why and your purpose could be your children, your significant other, etc. But you should jump out of bed with vigor to get to work. Each and every day.

I just landed in Washington, D.C. chasing one of my dreams. I have an urgency to fulfill this one and travel is part of the process.  It takes me away from my family, yes. But it allows me to capitalize and gain a building block for our future legacy.

It’s time for you to do the same. What can you do today that needs a sense of urgency to get it accomplished?


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15 thoughts on “Why Your Life Requires A Sense Of Urgency

  1. I definitely agree that we don’t need to get complacent for too long. For me life is about balancing enjoying being in the moments, but still moving forward. Accomplish one thing, take some time to enjoy it and then move on to the next goal or task.

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