You are You. 

You are not your past. However easy or difficult it was, it is only a small part of you.  You are not the mistakes you made.  You are the lessons you learned from them. Every one of them has helped to shape you into who you are today.

You are not responsible for your broken heart.  You met the person who did it at the wrong time. Or shouldn’t haven’t talked to them at all.  Your gut and instinct told you he or she was not right for you.  You didn’t listen to your parents even when this was the one time they were actually right.

But that experience has made you stronger and more aware of the affairs of the heart.  You didn’t look for revenge, but for understanding and learned that they just weren’t a good fit for you.  Their loss.

You are not the person that the jealous ones portray you to be. You are not arrogant, but confident in yourself.  You are not dumb, but creative and focused on becoming better.  You don’t think you are better than everyone else.  You just know that their validation of your existence is not needed or warranted.  You don’t have to fit in or join a group that doesn’t have the same values and goals as you.

To be honest, people who talk about you and try and tear you down, are just insecure about their ourselves.  They wish they had your discipline to never give up.  They wish they had your vision to see the outcome of hard work and to stay the course even when the roads get tough.

You are more than grades in school because that is just one period of your life.  Many schools don’t support creativity and taking the initiative.  You are not the misunderstood kid who the teacher says stares out the window all day.  You are the kid whose mind was not being stimulated enough so you looked elsewhere for inspiration.

So who are you then?  Any and everything you want to be.  Not what they label you as.  You are a role model for the young.  A friend and confidant to some.  A hero to those who watch you daily from afar giving them hope that dreams can indeed come true.

You are an inspiration to yourself.  Because no matter what happened to you, you never let their words and actions deter you.

You are who you want to be.  Who is it today?

28 thoughts on “You are You. 

  1. This is so inspiring and SO true. I look at kids today and think of myself when I was at their stage in life and my thoughts turn to what my life would be like today if everything I wanted then would have came true. Unanswered prayers are truly the best sometimes.

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  2. I read this right on time. Today was one of those days when I feel down about myself, and the past hangs over me. I tried hard to shake it off, but it was a challenge. Reading this helped that darkness fade away a little. Thank you.

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    1. A.Renee, I am so happy that this resonated with you and helped. If only just a little bit. Shake the past off and use those lessons to fuel your present and future accomplishments. You are destined for greatness, my friend. 🙂


    1. Yo are truly all of that and more. Good morning for you and good afternoon for me. I appreciate all your support in my writing. I also thank you for being a muse and an example along my journey to being a creative. :).

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