Don’t Waste Any Opportunties 

the time is n.o.w.


When are you going to start working on your dreams?

I know you want to be the best version of you.  I know you want to make life easier for you and your loved ones.  You want to help those people in your community who are less fortunate.  You made the necessary plans and have them tucked away for when the time is right.

And when is that? When is the time ever right for anything?  The Wright Brothers didn’t wait until someone came along to perfect their plane.  They devised a rudimentary machine and set about trying to get it to fly.  They didn’t wait until someone showed them how to do it.  They just did it.  Yes, it didn’t work the first couple of times. But all it took was one time.  That one time changed the entire course of history for how we all travelled around the world.

When I knew that I wanted to leave the military, I didn’t wait.  I put in my retirement orders and began working on the foundation for my family’s new civilian life.  And as solid as I thought my plan was it still had holes in it. But you know I still too the leap of faith.

 Steve Harvey’s recent video below after a taping of Family Feud has gone viral.  In it he talks about jumping (doing it now) and not waiting.  Check it out. 

Great, huh?  See we all have a parachute (our dreams) and many of us hold onto it for years.  And like he said, some people never even open theirs.  In fact, many people go to their grave with them still strapped to their backs.  No, I am not trying to scare you, but you have to have a sense of urgency and jump. Jump into your destiny because there is no other perfect time to do so.

N.O.W. stands for No Opportunity Wasted.  We don’t have the time to sit around and let others realize your dreams and implement them.  We don’t have time for others to criticize us and tell us that it will never work.  Today right now at this very moment is the time.  There is no better opportunity.

Les Brown, the motivation speaker talks about you laying in your death bed and the end of your life.  Surround all around you are the Ghosts of Missed and Past Opportunities. They are standing above you and they are angry.  Angry that you didn’t take at least one of them and go for it.  They are angry at you that they now how to go to the grave with you.  Missed opportunities.

Now I don’t know what it is that you want to accomplish.  I don’t know your dreams.  And honestly, I don’t need to. Stop whatever you are doing and start on one of your goals.  No excuses.  Just stop and come back to this blog if you have to.  Bookmark if you want, but go and realize your dreams.  Take the first step closer to your legacy.  Remember, no opportunity wasted.

Live your Dreams.


What’s one goal that you would start today right now at this very moment?

15 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Any Opportunties 

  1. I absolutely love this post. I wrote myself a note similar to this a few months back. I had to open my eyes and come to the realization of how content I had become with my life. I was not doing the things I desired to do. I have now enrolled back in school…after 6 long years and are on the path to fulfill my dream. Great post!

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  2. You and I blog on the same type platform and I love this post. My wife decided today is the day she opens her own business and has started to develop her business plan. Your words are a great reminder that tomorrow never comes and there is no better time than the present! I connected with you on FB and Twitter and look forward to more great posts!

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  3. I’m doing it!!! I dropped everything on New Years, revamped my business and my blog, became a Writing & Self-Publishing Coach, and God has been opening doors for me left and right. My experience as a trauma survivor has helped me with my vision to teach women to write their stories to achieve healing and inspire others who have been through similar circumstances. I feel like you are part of my tribe!!!

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  4. I miss being able to travel. Our budget hasn’t allowed it in some time. I love going to Europe, I want to see the national U.S. parks, oh, I could go on. That’s my dream. To happily travel. Thanks for the BSL group.

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    1. Thank you Cathy, I know what you mean about traveling. I am living over in Saudi Arabia and I want to start traveling soon. Don’t want to let this experience go to waste!


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