Success vs Failure

Time and time again I see this come up. Comparing ourselves to others and feeling let down.  Why? Why would you compare your life to others?  No two lives are the same.

Even if we live in the same house our successes and failures will never be the same.  Be steadfast in your convictions.  Remember your goals and why you are doing them.

Stop comparing yourself to others and do the damn work.  Do what is necessary to create your definition of success. And by the way, success is inevitable.  You just have to choose when you want to have it in your life.


7 thoughts on “Success vs Failure

    1. You are right Terri and I say a lot of times that it’s ingrained in us as human beings. But if identified it can be changed.

      Focusing on ourselves and our own achievements can help. I always go back to Marianne Williamson’s Out Deepest Fear as a reminder that we are great beyond measure!!

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  1. I’m a big believer in this, and I always say ‘there’s enough to go around for all of us’. Just because someone else succeeds, it doesn’t mean you have to fail. Like you say, we are all different and we lead different life with such different goals. If anything, it’s better to be happy for those other people succeeding, because it brings more joy and positive energy into your life, helping you forward in you own dream chase!

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