Be Afraid And You Will Succeed In Life.


I do not believe in fear. Early in my former career, I learned that fear was indeed self-induced and was and it kept me from achieving many of my goals in life.  See fear stops you from achieving your highest potential. It creates self-doubt and worries in the best of people. But it’s preventable. It can be overcome.

See I would rather be afraid of something than fearful. Why? Because being afraid creates a sense of urgency in us. It makes our body start pumping adrenaline and ignites the “fight or flight” in others depending on their situation.  Being afraid tells the body that we absolutely have to pick an option. Go left or right, up or down, street or stay on the sidewalk, but we are moving!

And having this attitude makes us succumb to our own internal peer pressure and forces us to do something. And why can’t that something be what we wanted to accomplish anyway?

Being afraid has gotten me a hell of a lot further than being fearful. Through jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, war, retirement, and now living overseas in “The Kingdom”. Fear rules nothing. Be afraid and get farther in life. Who’s with me?


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