What Is Greatness And Do You Have It In You?

I want you to close your eyes for a minute. Now I want you to picture someone you really admire. Maybe it is a famous speaker, an artist, an athlete, or a world leader. Now think of the first word that comes to mind about this person. More than likely the word that may have … Continue reading What Is Greatness And Do You Have It In You?

Isn’t It Time To Get In Focus?

We are rattled. Off kilter. Unfocused. Something threw us off our balance and we can't get back on track. You know why?  Because we won't take the time to reset ourselves. To get back into our right position in life We need to stop everything and get back in focus. Think about a photographer. Before … Continue reading Isn’t It Time To Get In Focus?

Grind (Part Two of The 3G Series)

Last week we talked about grit and in the first part of this series.  I talked about how grit was combining   both passion and perseverance together and then enduring everything that came your way.  How grit was the intenstinal fortitude to continue to push for your goals. So how does grind play into this? … Continue reading Grind (Part Two of The 3G Series)

Let Go and Enjoy The Ride

We have an app to keep track of what we eat throughout the day.  We have another to help us with our to do lists.  Hell, some of us use them to tell us when to drink water.  Or is that just me? How about we just try to take a different approach this week.  I … Continue reading Let Go and Enjoy The Ride

One Trick To Get You Through Tough Times

The U.S. Army is big on resiliency because of the stress of our jobs. We are asked to deploy anywhere from six months to a year. Then come home and train for a year just to go back again. So the Army came up with a program called Master Resilency Training or MRT for short. … Continue reading One Trick To Get You Through Tough Times

Invest in Number One

We invest in so much in our daily lives.  In our friendships.  In our relationships.  But how much are we investing in the most important part of our existence?   Ourselves. When was the last time you picked up a book to broaden your mental capacity?  No matter what subject it is, read to grow … Continue reading Invest in Number One

Live For Others (MM)

  In the pursuit of our dreams and goals, we sometimes forget that others are on the same road.  If you just pay attention you will see some in front of you and others behind.  Today I want you to pay attention to those behind you. Help those who are struggling more than you to … Continue reading Live For Others (MM)