Live Your Dreams and Get Motivated To Conquer Them


                                                        (video courtesy of Kyle Bridges)
Hello everyone. I wanted to start the week off not with a written post by me, but with a video.  A video that will help you get in the right frame of mind and ready for the week!  It’s three minutes of intense motivation that I know you will enjoy.  

So click this link, get motivated and have a fantastic week!


Why We Need To Prove Some People Wrong

Life is tough, but you are doing great regardless.  You are on top of things and working hard doing what you love.  You have goals and a plan to accomplish them.

You share these goals with people and many encourage you to keep going.  But there are others who doubt your capacity to accomplish them.  Who remind you of your past failures.

Great.  Here we go again you think to yourself.  Why are they always being so negative towards me?  Listen to me: this is human nature.  It is a natural trait in many people to question other’s goals and to subconsciously talk them down.  It happens a lot.

But don’t get discouraged. Don’t see it as an obstacle, see it as fuel.  Fuel to add to your internal tank to help drive you beyond your expectations.  And at the same time prove the naysayers wrong.

I am not saying the main reason we are doing this is to prove them all wrong.  But sometimes it’s good for your psyche to use the negative to fuel the positive.

You have to prove them wrong. Doing this will make you stronger. Doing this will show you that believing in yourself is always the best option in life.

Never mind the satisfaction of the look on their face when you do accomplish what you set out to do. That’s a given.

Prove them wrong so that you can show yourself that you can become better. Do me a favor, watch this short video and gain some inspiration from it. Let it be the fuel that you need today to get started.


No Matter What, Keep Moving.


Normally we are moving at a good pace through life.  Accomplishing things at will and with good intentions.  But some days we get caught in quicksand and can’t progress at all.

Obstacles, which we know how to deal with, can stop us temporarily.  They force us to relook our plan and find new ways around, over, or through them.  The key is to keep moving.

My wife has been working out for a couple months and I am very proud of her.  One of her goals is to start doing 5Ks and she sticks to her running plan.  In the evenings, we go to the local high school track and she gets her mileage in.

Even when she stops to talk to her little girls her feet are still moving. Still staying in constant motion.  Granted she is not moving, but in essence she is moving.  Get it? Her feet are still moving and her mind is still turning.  Her goal is till firmly planted in her mind and she knows that she is going to accomplish it.

No matter what we come up against in life we have to continue moving.  We want to ideally keep moving forward.  We may have to go left or right for an unspecified amount of time, but we have to keep moving with our goal still in the forefront of our mind.

Do me a favor, take the next 51 seconds to watch the below video.  I think after watch you will be ready and energized to keep moving forward.


Are You Killing Time?

If you don’t use your time wisely then you will lose 86,400 minutes consistently every day. You will continue to be in the same place you were six months ago.  The same place last year. Don’t try and be perfect, just keep progressing and make your time work for you.

Watch this video and find some inspiration in the speaker’s words.  What are you doing with your time this weekend?


Be Your Own Hero

It’s ok to have people who you admire.  You listen or read their story and find things that match your life. You feel like you identify with them and they start to take on a different persona and you begin to idolize them. But be very careful about that.

Don’t idolize them. Don’t put them on an unearned pedestal. Don’t make them the center of your life.  We can admire their courage and will, but never idolize another living human being who walked this earth.

Be your own hero of your movie. Write your script daily and show up in top form.  Act this life out as if its your big break. Let the world admire your craft and you at the same time.  Make the ending a happy one and make it an adventure.

Be the hero.  The world is waiting.


Vide courtesy of Joe Rogan and Onnit.

It’s all about taking the opportunity

One of my personal heroes is Gary Vaynerchuk.  He is a successful businessman who emigrated with his family to America from Belarus in the former U.S.S.R when he was a child.  He is a dynamic speaker without a filter and is as candid as they come.  He knows how to get you motivated. But don’t take my word for it.  Watch the video.  Be great.