How Defining Your Why Gives You Purpose 

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Why do you get up every morning?  Why do you go to work?  Why do you go to school?  Why do you do anything?  Because it’s expected of you, right?  Because you don’t want to let your boss down or your parents for that matter?  But honestly those are all reasons for someone else.  Not necessarily at all for yourself.

See, many of you are getting up every morning for no other purpose but to maintain employment.  Or to keep attendance in school.  But are you really doing it because you are happy and want to be there?

Now I know there is someone out there right now mad and ready to stop reading this post. But hear me out.  There are some people who know their purpose and are steadfast in their convictions and will.  And that’s great, but I am talking  to everyone who has lost their way or need to get back on the right path.

And to those who are on the right path, keep reading because you may need to pass this on to your friends who aren’t.  Don’t believe me?  Well,  statistically Forbes did a poll and found that 52.3% of American workers are unhappy at work.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of people.  I don’t know the number for people in other countries, but I imagined that it would be fairly close. (If you do please comment below after reading and let me know). So why are people unhappy?  Why have you forgotten the very reason you are doing the things you do?  It’s rather simple.

You don’t have or forgotten your WHY.  

In the beginning, you wanted to work where you are now because that was the traditional thing to do.  You went to school because your parents told you to.  You got that degree because everyone else did.  But why are you following the path already traveled?

If you tell me that you are doing it because you want to be the first person in your family to graduate, then I applaud you.  That’s a why and it’s being done for you. Because you want to do it.  If you tell me that you are doing this job because it is the gateway to another and even better one, then I believe in you.

If you tell me that you are doing this because you have to take care of your family, then I understand.  That you are doing it because you have a plan with a timeline and you know where you will end up, then I respect that.  You have a why.  You know that it will not be fun all the time, but you are grounded and happy in your pursuit of greatness.

Just please don’t settle for being a  cookie cutter version of anyone in this world.  I know because for a long time I was.  One of the hardest decisions in my life was  to leave the military.  It was a tough weekend when I decided to do it.  I was leaving two decades of the only thing that I have ever known.  But I knew that deep inside my spark had dimmed and I knew I was destined for something else.

Sure, my wife thought I was crazy.  (She still does mind you.) But I am clearer on my why now.  Now I know my former colleagues will say that they are serving for their family and I totally understand and commend them for it.  But there will come a time when that career will end, priorities shift and a new why will have to be established.

My family is my true why now.  The legacy that I want to leave them is my why.   Living The Dream is my why.  And something I told myself a year ago still rings true as my why.  I said that a year from now if my words have just changed one life, then I am successful. 

You are my why.


What is your why? Comment below and let me know.  

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How Trusting Yourself Reveals How Strong You Are

Trust and Believe

Trust.  For some people, the mere mention of the word brings uneasiness inside of them.  The quickening of their heartbeat as sweat starts to form in their palms.  For others, it conjures up feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

But what brings this feeling over us?  Is it others?  In our ability to not trust them?  Perhaps.  But I feel that it’s mostly because of how we feel about ourselves. Deep inside our subconscious where we question our ability to do  and accomplish many things.

And you are not alone.  Though many won’t admit it, there are far more people suffering from this than they will ever let on.  It’s simply fear and the possibility of failing that makes us not trust and believe in ourselves.

But when will it stop?  When will we start to use the intestinal fortitude in all of us to push forward in life?  To trust own thoughts, dreams, and ability to conquer greatness.

Is it the word greatness that has you scared to trust your own instincts?  It shouldn’t, because greatness is not reserved for the elite.  It is not reserved for those who have already achieved so much in life.  The difference between you and them is that they already trust themselves.

See greatness is in all of us. Plain in simple.  You don’t have to be famous and on television to be great.  You don’t have to play a sport for a living to be great. You just have to make a difference in your life and someone else’s.  That’s it. The same thing for trusting yourself.

You have to realize how much you can accomplish if you just trust yourself and the decisions you make.  I know there will always be hesitation to do this, but you have to suppress it.   You have to understand that trusting yourself will strengthen your resolve and bring about more confidence.

Confidence and a stronger will.  A will so strong that will aid you in accomplishing all types of phenomenal things.  But you have to start with a commitment to  yourself.  A pact to trust yourself.

So trust your heart.  Trust you mind.  Trust the very essence of your soul.  Trust that what you are doing for yourself and for your family is the right thing. In the end, it will make you all stronger beyond your expectations.

What do you need to work on and trust yourself to do?


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Nothing Is Over Until You Stop Trying


What is stopping you in the pursuit of your dreams?

That’s you.  Standing in front of the ice.  The lake.  The mountains.  Subconsciously we quickly think of the journey as being impossible.  That know matter how much energy we exert, we won’t make it.  That this is the end of the journey for us.

And at first glance, anyone would think the same.  I mean look at it. The very sight of it makes you want to question your sanity.  To be honest, most would just quit there.  Just stop.

But we aren’t the stopping kind of people are we?  We aren’t going to let obstacles get in our way are we?  These are  just tests, trials and tribulations to see if we are strong enough.

To see if we have the grit inside of us to carry on.  And you and I both know that you do. We have overcome more in our lifetime than many others.  Many who have succumbed to the weight of it on their shoulders.  We don’t stop. We don’t quit.

We just lean into it and keep going.  One foot in front of the other.  slowly going across the ice on this cold river of uncertainty.  Climbing the mountain not able to see over the top for hours, days, maybe months and sometimes years.  We climb towards the inevitable.  Only one thing is certain on this trip:  Failure and quitting is behind us as we move further and further away.

And why would you want to quit right in the middle?  Listen, quitting doesn’t make you a bad person. But it doesn’t make you a better one either.  If you are stop trying something because it’s too dangerous, I get it.  But if you are stopping just because it makes you uncomfortable……that’s the point!  The point is to shed the comfort zone and move to somewhere else unrecognizable.

Time to make the unfamiliar very familiar.

This is your wake up call.  Time to climb some mountains.

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how helping others benefits you in the long run.

We know what we want in life.  We have a plan and it’s all written down in some form for us to refer to. We have shut out the naysayers and have the right people around us.  Or do we?

When you get to work, school, or whatever  you plan to do today do me a favor.  Look around you.  Consciously take a few seconds and look around your environment.  Now you see it, huh? Now you notice despair, worry, and nervousness.

You see your coworker with that uneasy look on their face. Or you see your classmate with fear in their eyes about something that has been bugging them.  How about that lady at the cash register this morning with not enough to buy some milk.

Help them.  That’s right. Help them now.  Don’t think about it, just do it.  Ask your coworker do they need help with that report.  Find out if you can help your classmate with whatever is bothering them.  Buy them a cup of coffee and sit and listen.  Buy that milk for that mother and let her know that it’s ok and this will all pass.  Tell her to remain strong.

We will all get to where we need to be eventually.  But we need to be in the service of helping others.  It’s something I have always believed in.  I have consistently helped people more than I have helped myself. But I know that this is my calling.  I will reap my reward in due time.  You will, too.  We just have to occasionally reach back and help others on the way to conquering our dreams.

Have a fantastic day.