You Are Responsible For You

You are responsible for you.  Disagree?  Yes, I know those of us who are parents are responsible for our children.  Those of us who take care of younger family members or our parents are responsible for them.  But strip all of that way for a moment.
Don’t think about your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, family, etc.  Only think about yourself.  This is not being selfish.  This is being completely and honestly real.  I am not telling you to be selfish, but I am telling you all of this for a reason.  Stay with me.

Why do you I say that you are only responsible for you?  Because when you peel all the layers back it’s the very essence of our existence.  Living this world as one man or woman.  Going through life fighting to carve out your piece of the pie.

We find friends who are doing similar things as us and latch on to them.  We meet a girl or guy and we devote our every waking moment to making them happy.  All of that is fine.  I have done the same.  But what you don’t want to do is lose your identity.

And that is what happens a lot of times.  We forget to live for ourselves and only live for others.  We forget our number one thing in life:  to make something out of ourselves.  Whatever that looks like for you, you forget it.  And I believe that is a problem.

How can you be there and take responsibility of everyone else when you won’t do it for yourself?  When you take care of yourself you have more energy to take care of others.  When you take the responsibility firmly in your hands to make the best of your life, you can help others do the same.

That’s what being responsible is about. Other people can help you, but ultimately you have to put in the work.  You have to sacrifice your time and be away from others.  You have to stay up late at night and burn the midnight oil to get what you want.

You can’t blame your mother or father if they weren’t there for you.  You can’t blame your teacher for not having faith in you or not helping you.  You can’t blame your supervisor not promoting you because you are not showing the initiative that you were born with.

You are responsible for you.  Take care of that first.  Then you can take better care of your children.  Better care of your spouse.  Better care of your other responsibilities.  Because you took care of you first.  Be responsible for you.


What are you going to take responsibility for today?  This weekend?