9/11- We Remember, But We Have To Do Better


(photo courtesy of Sean Geraghty)

Remember. Everyone remembers where they were when the first plane hit. Everyone remembers their reaction. Must have been an accident. Remember when the second one hit? Something is wrong. Are we being attacked?

That is was immediately came into my mind. And from that day on, my life was completely changed. Everyone’s life was. But that’s not the point of me writing this.

I want you to remember on September 12th when our differences didn’t matter anymore. No one cared what color you were. No one cared what language you spoke. No one cared about your sexuality. We were all American. That’s all that matter.

Now? I don’t even recognize us. You don’t either. We are a country divided by color, gender, and ideology. We have carved out strongholds for our “kind” and retreat to them for a sense of security.

We wish to impose our beliefs on others without adhering to our own Constitution. And if you don’t believe as I do? Then you are unAmerican and a traitor.

It’s got to stop. But it will take each and every one of us. It will take all of us to acknowledge our mistakes and to take action to not repeat them. I know, I am probably just dreaming.

But that’s how things start. With a dream.

Remember the fallen. But remember that we dishonor their memory by our conduct of late. We have got to do better.


Honor The Fallen

honoring the fallen

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  A day for the Nation to remember our fallen military members. I always felt like it was a solemn day to reflect on those we lost.  But as I grew older that has changed.

I think that we should celebrate their life and not feel bad that they are not around anymore.  We remember our time spent with them whether it was good or bad.

So tell people about your friends or family that have left us.  Salute the life that they have lived and be proud to say that you knew them.