Practice Daily What You Want to Become Forever


I love writing.  It gives me a chance to put my thoughts on paper.  It allows me to share my deep inclinations to the world.  I believe that it allows me to work through demons from my past and things I have lost along the way.

But I don’t practice it enough.  I don’t read books on writing.  I don’t attend workshops to learn more about prose and sentence structure.  I don’t watch videos on how to capture my audience.

In the future I will do some of those things,  but not all.  I think the best way to become a better writer is to write dammit. To practice writing more and more.  To put my words down in black and white for the world to digest.

The other thing I love, not more than my family mind you, is to help others.  I was never in the service to become the best Soldier I could be.  I don’t think I ever was.  I wanted to be the best human being who led and took care of soldiers.  I wanted them to follow me because I would always be there for them.  Not because of tradition and rules.

I read every personal development book that I could get my hands onto.  I read, deciphered and applied the lessons not only to myself but to those under my charge.  I quickly saw soldiers who were once always in trouble see the error of their ways.  Buy giving them words of wisdom  to think about, I helped them change and become better productive human beings.  Them becoming better leaders was a byproduct.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Practice makes people better than they could ever imagine. All the books I’ve read.  All the lives I have encounter and helped enrich and grow.  I practiced helping others. And it made me become a better person.

All of that has helped me to land here where I am now.  Writing these words for you all to see.  I have practiced for twenty-two and a half years to get to this point.  To hopefully help influence your life for the better.

So keep practicing so you can become better than you could ever imagine.



Keep going 


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Who would have guessed it?  Really.  Who would have thought that you would go back to school to finish that degree?  Who knew you were going to open up your own business?  Who knew I was going to retire from the military after so many years?  We both did.

We both knew that life was more than the comfort zones we incubated ourselves in.  We knew the constant pain of heartache and hopelessness.  When we felt like giving up and allowing our detractors to have the last word.  Saying they knew we would fail.

That was last year. That was the past.  We decided that we didn’t want to keep making the same mistakes and not learning the lesson.  We decided that we had to keep going and that nothing is achieved over night.

Today is Friday. One year later and we are not the same person at all.  You feel it and I do, too. We look back at last year this time and know we were on the right track.  But the job is not done.  Relish in your accomplishments for a few minutes.

Now let’s get back to work. We have a legacy to build.


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Why Not?


Why not?  Why can’t you become what you want?  Is it based on your upbringing that you are destined to fail while others succeed because of their family name?   Continue reading “Why Not?”

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When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe

Although this video is over 5 years old, it still holds a lot of meaning to me. Eric Thomas is an exceptional motivational speaker.  Someone who was homeless during his adolescent years, who went through a rough road, but is now close to obtaining his PhD.  You probably have heard his slogan, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe” used by many different people. A little cliche I know.   But it’s true.  Are your dreams enough to take your breath away?  Do you want to really succeed?  Watch the short video then answer the question in the comments.