Be Your Own Hero

It’s ok to have people who you admire.  You listen or read their story and find things that match your life. You feel like you identify with them and they start to take on a different persona and you begin to idolize them. But be very careful about that. Don’t idolize them. Don’t put them … Continue reading Be Your Own Hero

Kaizen (MM)

We live in a world of instant gratification. Of overnight successes and get rich schemes on the world-wide web.  No one tells you that it all takes work. Well, we know it does. We know overnight successes usually take close to ten years. But why are we constantly afraid to put in the hard work? … Continue reading Kaizen (MM)

Born to Lead

I try and listen to Lewis Howes at least two or three times a week.  He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who leads by example and lives by always giving to others.  I particularly liked this podcast called Born to Lead.  It follows my theme here at Living The Dream about helping yourself first to help others. So take … Continue reading Born to Lead

Our Deepest Fear (MM)


What is your deepest fear?  Jumping out of a plane? Speaking in front of people?  I will tell you for a lot of us it’s neither of those. A majority of us have a fear of achieving our dreams.  We figure out ways to sabotage them.  Why?  Why would you allow yourself to shortchange your own happiness?  Because we don’t want to feel better than others or seem boastful. Continue reading “Our Deepest Fear (MM)”