The 3G Series: Grit, Grind, and Gratitude

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Coming tomorrow will be part one of three in a series I call The 3G Series.  I have lived most of my adulthood by following these three traits.  Even before I knew what each one was they have had a profound effect on me.  I honestly believe that if you live by these three you will have a fulfilling and rewarding life.  So over the next three Tuesdays tune into The 3G Series.



We Control Our Destiny.


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There are many things in this life that are out of our control. Where you’re born. How you are raised.  As we get older we  decide where we want to live, be in love with (sometimes), and how we look on a day-to-day basis.

All of this is in line with our destiny.  We are the creator of our dreams. We decide which goals we want to pursue and how hard to work on them each day.  

Sure, we have special people in our life that can aid in our pursuit, but they shouldn’t dictate your destiny.  When we allow this to happen, we get off of course.  Don’t believe me?

Remember back in your teens years when there was something that you really wanted to do. But you allowed your boyfriend or girlfriend to talk you out of it.  Because you cared more about their feelings and their place in your life, then your happiness.

How did that work out for you?  For those of you who it did, congratulations.  But the majority of you, it didn’t.  And you have regretted it ever since, huh?

I am not telling you that you can’t have and build a wonderful life with someone.  I am telling you that life and your destiny does not end if they decide to leave it.

No more regrets.  It’s time to create a life that you will look back on and be happy that you lived it.

It’s Monday and it’s time to create new goals for the week. Make one of them to share this post with someone who is struggling with finding their way.  You will feel better in the long run.

Trust me.


P.S. What are you going to create today to add to your destiny?  Let me know in the comments.


Be Your Own Hero

It’s ok to have people who you admire.  You listen or read their story and find things that match your life. You feel like you identify with them and they start to take on a different persona and you begin to idolize them. But be very careful about that.

Don’t idolize them. Don’t put them on an unearned pedestal. Don’t make them the center of your life.  We can admire their courage and will, but never idolize another living human being who walked this earth.

Be your own hero of your movie. Write your script daily and show up in top form.  Act this life out as if its your big break. Let the world admire your craft and you at the same time.  Make the ending a happy one and make it an adventure.

Be the hero.  The world is waiting.


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Invest in Number One

We invest in so much in our daily lives.  In our friendships.  In our relationships.  But how much are we investing in the most important part of our existence?   Ourselves.

When was the last time you picked up a book to broaden your mental capacity?  No matter what subject it is, read to grow your mind.

When was the last time you sat down with someone you have nothing in common with to learn about things outside your comfort zone?  You would be surprised what a fifteen minute conversation can do for both of you.

Invest in your physical being by walking, working out, or going to the park.  20 minutes a day can do wonders for your body over time. I am not telling you to run a marathon if you never ran a mile. Set a goal and gradually build up to it.

Meditation is something that has helped me for the past couple months.  I meditate for different lengths of time.  From one minute to ten minutes.  There is nothing like sitting still with a clear mind and focusing on nothing but your breath and the magnificent vessel that is your body.

Find a way to invest in yourself.  The world can wait.

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Kaizen (MM)

We live in a world of instant gratification. Of overnight successes and get rich schemes on the world-wide web.  No one tells you that it all takes work. Well, we know it does. We know overnight successes usually take close to ten years. But why are we constantly afraid to put in the hard work?

Regardless of where you are currently sitting right now on this planet, you know what hard work looks like. You recognize it in others when you see it.  You see it in yourself.  But it is never the easiest thing to do.  It takes determination, grit, and an open mind to see things through to the end.  To want to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel regardless how long it is.  But the walls of the tunnel you are going through are lined with hard work.  Instead of tackling the entire task try something different. Try Kaizen.

Kaizen (Kaisen)

an approach to one’s personal or social life that focuses on continuous improvement.

Kaizen or Kaisen is a Japanese word that basically means to constantly take little steps to accomplish your bigger goals.  I like to reverse engineer my goals.  I like to imagine during meditation what it would look like already having accomplished a goal.  I then work backwards outlining what it takes to complete it.  Then I break those steps into days and months so I ca set smaller goals.  This helps my psyche to know that I am consistently talking these goals with the end result being the bigger one.  No matter what method you or I use, the point is the attainment of our goals.

Kaizen my friends.  Kaizen.


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Born to Lead


I try and listen to Lewis Howes at least two or three times a week.  He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who leads by example and lives by always giving to others.  I particularly liked this podcast called Born to Lead.  It follows my theme here at Living The Dream about helping yourself first to help others. So take five minutes of your day to listen.  I think you will enjoy it.


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Our Deepest Fear (MM)


What is your deepest fear?  Jumping out of a plane? Speaking in front of people?  I will tell you for a lot of us it’s neither of those. A majority of us have a fear of achieving our dreams.  We figure out ways to sabotage them.  Why?  Why would you allow yourself to shortchange your own happiness?  Because we don’t want to feel better than others or seem boastful. Continue reading “Our Deepest Fear (MM)”