No One Is Coming To Save You And That Is Your Salvation

No One Is Coming To Save You Why look back?

No one is coming to save you. Not your parents, best friends, or significant other.  No matter how bad things get, they will not be able to help you.

I have told many people that I would be there with them through their tough times.  In reality, I couldn’t help them.  It’s just a fact of life.  The fact?

We must go through suffering alone.  

Only then, can we realize who we are truly destined to become. When I was in the military, I went through some of the most hellacious training with my fellow soldiers.

We always said that we were going through the “suck” with each other.  And that by suffering together, we were becoming a team.

And we did.  But ultimately each one of us dealt with alone.  If one of us quit or fell by the side of the road, the training would go on.  And the others, they may or may not look back to see if you were ok, but they continued to go on.

It’s just the nature of the beast.  But as humans, we like to sugarcoat this.  We tell each other that if you need anything “I will be there.”

What we should say is that I will be there for you, but you must travel that road basically alone.  Even if I am standing next to you.

For example, I lived in Florida for a couple of months when I transferred jobs within my corporation.  I thought I was playing the long game.  I figured I would work there for a couple years and then seek a promotion and move on.

But the situation was not a good one for my family and I.  The whole situation was a mistake: financially and emotionally. It put a strain on my kids and my marriage. So I resigned.  Later a trusted friend told me that he wondered how I was going to be able to make it there. The support wasn’t there and I felt it immediately.

Now, why didn’t he tell me that in the beginning?

Going it alone feels like a journey

Because we all go at it alone. We must in order to grow.

Once the news reached the corporate headquarters….silence.  I didn’t hear anything from my superiors.  Nothing.  And still haven’t until I reached out and I decided not to again. Ever. No animosity, I just felt it better to let it go.

So I was alone.  And I was free.  Free to learn more about myself. Free to write.  Free to figure out my next direction.  And free to find some other place worthy of my talents.

That’s freedom.

And I am not looking back.

Be Afraid And You Will Succeed In Life.


I do not believe in fear. Early in my former career, I learned that fear was indeed self-induced and was and it kept me from achieving many of my goals in life.  See fear stops you from achieving your highest potential. It creates self-doubt and worries in the best of people. But it’s preventable. It can be overcome.

See I would rather be afraid of something than fearful. Why? Because being afraid creates a sense of urgency in us. It makes our body start pumping adrenaline and ignites the “fight or flight” in others depending on their situation.  Being afraid tells the body that we absolutely have to pick an option. Go left or right, up or down, street or stay on the sidewalk, but we are moving!

And having this attitude makes us succumb to our own internal peer pressure and forces us to do something. And why can’t that something be what we wanted to accomplish anyway?

Being afraid has gotten me a hell of a lot further than being fearful. Through jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, war, retirement, and now living overseas in “The Kingdom”. Fear rules nothing. Be afraid and get farther in life. Who’s with me?


Whatever You Do Don’t Quit. 

There have been some times in my military, hell life in general, that I had wanted to quit. Give up. Walk away. Ring that damn bell. But then I came to the realization that some things are worth the pain and sacrifice if I really wanted them.

We used to say to “take a knee and drink water” during long marches or operations in the Army. It may seem silly now but it was during a time that you may have lost your bearings or felt like having a pity party. The idea was to take a knee, wet your palette and collect your thoughts. To take a quick second and look deep inside yourself for that second wind and reason why. And when you found that reason you would give your team a boost of confidence, inspiration, and keep pushing to accomplish the goal.

So why can’t you use this same example in your life? I do. When times get you down. When we see our “friends” achieving more and we are stagnating, take a knee and drink water. Collect your thoughts, reenergize your base and get after it.
Because we aren’t tapping out or ringing any bells around here.
You can do it. I know you can.

We Don’t Control A Lot, But These Three Things We Do

3 Things We Control

Early last week I did an interview for a podcast called The Creative Soul Lab hosted by a wonderful woman named Shari D. Teigman. I first met her online in a Facebook group  for online creatives. We hit it off quickly and she has a great spirit  about her. The first conversation we had, she asked me to be on her podcast!

Yea, I was stunned, but I worked up the nerves and went on.  I must tell you, I totally forgot Shari and I was recording a show.  Why?  Because she calmed my fear of doing something like this for the first time.  See, I was very unsure of myself.  Sure, I have given classes and briefing to some very powerful military leaders.  But this was my voice and story that could be heard all over the world at any given time!

Normally I am writing you all and helping you work through your problems. This time, I had the problem.  All I could see was me bombing and Shari never putting it out.  But that very morning, I did my daily reading and I came across this quote in the picture above and here below by Jack Canfield:

You have control over three things in your life:   the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take (your behavior).  

That quote was right on time!  My problem was that I didn’t see it in my mind that we were going to have a great interview. That I was going to be totally comfortable and talk about things that I hadn’t shared publicly.  I allowed a few seconds of self-doubt to come in and almost sabotage my day and what turned out to be a fantastic interview and conversation.

Man, am I glad that I saw that quote that morning.  It put me back on my  path.  The path of thinking the right thoughts to get me in the correct frame of mind.  Only then could I truly visualize what success looked like.

And when I knew what it looked like I could then adjust my behavior and take the correct action.  Sounds simple, right?  It is. Things will still take some time to work through.  But it’s easier with the right frame of mind.

Look, I am human like everyone else.  I will never pretend to have it all together.  I need work, too.  But these things are not impossible to do.  So let’s make a deal to work through this together.  If you get stuck then leave me a comment and I will get back to you quickly.  We will work it out together.

Also when the show with  Shari Teigman and I comes out I will post a link.  I think you all will really love it.  Have a great week and remember, we don’t control a lot, but  these three things we do.   Have a fantastic week!

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