How Optimism Is One Of The Keys To Success

(Gary Vaynerchuck on the DailyVee) Life is tough, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I have lived through some dark times and moments where I didn't know I would survive. And I am not talking about on a deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan. I am talking about everyday life before and after the military. … Continue reading How Optimism Is One Of The Keys To Success

Focus on Number One

Day in and day out your focus on making sure things are running smoothly. At work and at home. You focus on your goals and aspirations. You focus on ensuring you have things in place to accomplish them. You focus on the future and how you will spend that hard earned time. But when are … Continue reading Focus on Number One

Be Your Own Hero It's ok to have people who you admire.  You listen or read their story and find things that match your life. You feel like you identify with them and they start to take on a different persona and you begin to idolize them. But be very careful about that. Don't idolize them. Don't put … Continue reading Be Your Own Hero