Are You Waiting To Be Ready?

What are you going to do different this time? How are you going after your dreams?

You can’t wait on the sidelines and wish that your dreams come true. You have to put in the work. Now.

You can’t wait till you retire. Or when the money gets right. Or when you graduate college. Now is the time.

Now is the time to start writing that book. To go to that audition. To start that YouTube channel. To ask that girl/guy to spend their life with you.

Now is the time. Forget waiting to be ready. Do it now. Fail or not, at least you tried.

Let’s do this.

Being Aware in Life is Not Enough


 A lot can happen in 24 hours.  You can wake up feeling one way and that can change in a split second.  Some times not at all.  But that never happens right?

We are made aware of many things throughout the course of our lifetime, too.  Some we choose to pay attention to and others we do not.  Regardless we are still aware.  Aware that they can affect us if we choose to deal with them. Continue reading